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Why Choose Saint John Vein Clinic

  1. Dr. Omotoso, with over 15 years of experience in offering non-surgical vein treatments, specializes in personalized solutions for vein issues.

  2. He sees you within 4 weeks or under after your referral.

  3. No long waitlist, done according to your availability.

  4. He offers a one-stop treatment for varicose vein treatments; this means that he can see you for the first time, diagnose, and treat you at the same visit when possible especially for out-of-province patients.

  5. His need-oriented approach for his patients includes collaboration with Compression Socks Solutions, who are available on-site to help those prescribed compression socks achieve better outcomes.

  6. Treatment is in the office, same-day walk-in and walk-out.

  7. Minimal to no pain, unlike surgeries.

  8. No hospital stay required.

  9. Quickly resume normal activities (except heavy lifting).

  10. No cuts, stitches, or scars.

  11. Local anesthesia, no general anesthesia needed.

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