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Compression Socks Solutions

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At Saint John Vein Clinic we are continuously looking for ways to improve our services to help our patients get results.

Compression Socks Solutions: Get help to find the right socks for you & perfect fit, be shown how to wear & care for them. Be informed about your condition and symptoms.


As a result of helping many patients from within our office and other doctors’ offices, we discovered they all had common issues with wearing compression socks and a need for help. Since then, we have collaborated with qualified nurses who are trained to educate and empower patients with leg vein disorders and the treatment thereof. This collaborative effort will enable us to help many patients locally to have better health outcomes.
They educate patients on condition and benefits of compression socks. They discuss the features and benefits from a wide selection to suit their need, lifestyle, condition, preference, etc.
The clinic offers an elegant solution with a variety of classic, sport and fashion stockings and socks. We specialize in medical compression socks/stockings ONLY, which unlike the pharmacies, our only focus is this so we can help patients feel better with a perfectly fitted compression sock/stocking. This is done in the clinic by measuring, fitting, discussing and selling these socks/stockings and the accessories that go with them to make putting them on easier for patients.
Are you struggling to wear your medical compression socks to alleviate leg pain swelling, throbbing, heaviness, etc.?

We are here to help you make this a reality.

• If you are having difficulty putting them on?

• If they feel too tight?

• If they are itchy?

• If they are painful to wear?

• If they slide down your legs?

• If they bunch up?

• If your legs still swell?

• If you have limited dexterity in your hands?

• If takes too long to put them on?
You may reach our Vein Helpline, Toll-Free at 1-855-551-VEIN (8346) ​

To schedule an appointment with the nurses at the Leg & Foot Clinic, please call the Saint John Vein Clinic to inquire about a consultation at 1-506-648-7013

What to Expect

To be cared for, listened to, informed and involved in the decision making every step of your care plan.

1. You will receive information about your condition

2. We will make sure you understand the next steps about your condition and your care plan for both short and long term

3. The wait for ultrasound is many months

4. Please Note: Vein surgery has a long wait list

5. We will make sure you are informed about other available treatment options

6. There are tools available to help you, including self-care, with emphasis on the benefits of wearing compression socks

7. You will be perfectly measured to fit

8. We will choose the best socks for you based on your lifestyle, work, condition, etc.

9. Demonstration of how to put socks on and info on how to care for them

10. Our service is unique because our care doesn't end here and now, but continues until your condition is resolved or managed

11. Continuity of care includes immediate support for any concerns and questions about your vein condition by joining community Facebook group or by asking Dr. O on the website if you are not on Facebook


What our clients say

The stuff took the time to inform me about my condition, did my measurements to make sure that they fit me perfectly, help choose the socks that most suitable for me since my work is outdoor.

D .Smith, Oromocto

I waited for two full years before I had my veins removed and compression socks helped me greatly control my symptoms and that improved my quality of life.

R. Kay

The staff took their time to educate me about why I need them. Even after I understood I was not very convinced, I reluctantly bought them to try unlike before I came here, now I am a convert. I put them on first thing after having my shower in the morning.

P Elliot

First pair of compression socks ever. Very surprised and pleased how they make me fill. I can stand the whole day without any feeling of tiredness, achy etc at work.

Mackay, Frederecton



The Saint John Vein Clinic hosts a complimentary Leg and Foot Clinic to educate people who suffer from varicose veins and similar symptoms. We have started a fund to help those in need and who are mostly working on their feet all day. These individuals are often unable to pay for compression stocking therapy due to a lack of health insuranThe Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation has kindly partnered with us to help us achieve our goal to supply the stockings to these individuals, free of charge. Your sponsorship today makes a huge difference in the lives of those suffering with ongoing leg pain.ce coverage.

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