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Out of Province Patients

The experience of treating patients from out of province made Dr Omotoso aware of the struggles that are unfortunately causing many people to travel substantial distances for treatment.


The reality of their struggles caused him to adopt a pro active approach to help his patients take control of their health before problems start or become worse in a highly pressured healthcare environment . This is very crucial because sometimes vein diseases are not always visible and symptomatic. This why a majority of people seek medical advice when the condition is advanced in a system that is highly under pressure . Though not all venous diseases can be prevented, but many can. This has the ability to reduce the burden that vascular disease can cause in everyday life. The outcomes is good if your healthcare provider catches the problem early.

Here are some of the ways that he helps patients and healthcare professionals manage their vein health proactively:

  1. Tools to check their vein health This helps with early detection of health issues that are not yet obvious, prompt treatment and prevent diseases from getting worse .

  2. A - Z information on vein diseases accompanied by instructions on what to do. If concerned Ask Dr. O

  3. He provides healthcare professionals with Chronic Venous insufficiency (CVI) updates. Please email us at for more information.

  4. He educates his patients and their caregivers on their condition in depth which helps them to understand what it is, what it means and how it can be treated.

Why Saint John Vein Clinic?

  • Get the right answers, the first time from an experienced vascular surgeon.

  • Dr.Omotoso and his team strive to see his patients at least within 4 weeks or even much less often.

  • Virtual or telephonic consults are available for out of province patients and if in person visit is diffcult.

  •  Designed for the convenience of patients from away to have varicose vein treatment done on their first visit when possible.

  • Ensuring continuity of care after surgery/ procedure from a dedicated and locally based vascular surgeon

What you need to know before you come:

Referral - You will need a referral from your current doctor. If you have no doctor, please call the office and we can make recommendations.

● Health Card Info - PEI Health/Medicare/MSI

  • A list of your current medications and how much you are taking of each.

● You will need a pair of compression socks to wear immediately after your varicose vein treatment. This is to make sure that the treated vein remain closed and avoid swelling.

  • It is advisable to get have a pair of compression socks on your first visit just in case you get treated at the same time. Otherwise is advisable that you get measured by our certified compression sock nurses who will help you choose the right sock for you.

  • It's ok to bring someone with you to help you understand. It's ok for them to ask any questions needed to help you.

PEI Medicare criteria for varicose non surgical varicose vein treatment

  1. A referral from a PEI physician.

  2. A consult note from Dr. Omotoso stating what's being done, why it's being done and indication that it's not a cosmetic procedure.

  3. A rejection letter from the patient's private insurance company (if they have any) stating they will not cover the cost of the procedure.

What to expect for varicose vein treatment

  1. Doctor Omotoso will take a medical history and listen to your concerns.

  2. He will then perform a physical examination.

  3. He will do a short ultra sound which uses sound waves to create images of your veins or blood flow to detect any abnormalities in the blood flow and map varicose veins distribution in the legs.

  4. He will then discuss your treatment options and a plan. 

  5. Feel Free To Ask or print yourself a copy of treatment option here.

Travel Info

For PEI Patients:

For Nova Scotia Patients:

Helpful Links:

Understanding Your Out-of-Province Government Medical Coverage

If concerned about your symptoms call us at (506) 648-7013


 Château Saint John - Hotel & Suites is offering hospital guests and patients a special discounted rate to support their accommodation needs throughout their trying time. They serve a full, hot, plated breakfast. They also have free indoor/outdoor parking, free Wi-Fi, and a 24-hour fitness center for guests.


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