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Pathway to care

What to expect on your first visit 

  1. Doctor Omotoso will take a medical history and listen to your concerns.

  2. He will then perform a physical examination.

  3. He will then perform a short ultra sound which uses sound waves to create images of your veins or blood flow to detect any abnormalities in the blood flow and map varicose veins distribution in the legs.

  4. He will then discuss your treatment options and plan if necessary.

Feel Free To Ask

Feel free to ask when you do not understand. Dr Omotoso wants you to understand the information about your condition and the treatment plan for it in order for you to get well. 

It's ok to ask:

  • What is the biggest problem I am presenting with?

  •  What is the best way for me to sort this problem out?

  • ​Why is it important?

Asking questions can help you to:

  • Learn how to take care of your painful/swollen legs.

  • Prepare for the right procedure.

  • ​ Use the tools and education given to you to help you stay healthy.

Tips for clear understanding and communication:

  • ​It's ok to ask the same questions as many times as needed if you don't understand something. Don't feel rushed or embarrassed.

  • It's ok to bring someone with you to help you understand. It's ok for them to ask any questions needed to help you.

  • It's ok to make a list before your appointment of concerns and other things you want to talk about.

  • It's ok to write a list of medications you take, bring it with you in case the Dr. asks for it. It's hard to remember all the names.

  • It's ok to ask any of our members of staff for assistance too. Remember they are also here to help you.

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