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Saint John Vein Clinic is a full-service vein treatment center, addressing all types of venous conditions. Our goal is to provide patients with the highest quality care in a state-of-the-art treatment center that is comfortable and private. 

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Submit an easy online risk assessment vein screening form and a team member from Saint John Vein Clinic will review your information and contact you shortly.

Meet Doctor Omotoso

Expert in Treatment of Vein Diseases

A world class vein surgeon and a caring professional committed to quality, safety, improving the health and well-being of his patients. He possesses a high level of clinical experience and competence in the surgical management of a wide range of vascular diseases including varicose veins since.

In pursuit of advanced methods to treat venous disease, Dr. Omotoso took an innovative, less-invasive procedure fellowship which used to treat problems affecting the blood vessels at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA in 2009.


His wealth of experience since 2005 and passion for non-invasive treatments led him to provide options that are not offered by Medicare for patients with varicose veins as well which is offered as a walk in and out office procedure, no hospital admission required, nor anesthesia, and virtually no down time.


He performs a variety of minimally invasive catheter-based techniques to treat vascular conditions, including complex stenting procedures, blood clot removal and bypass surgery.

His interest spans the wide and full range of extensive vascular surgery including carotid, visceral and peripheral vascular disease, aneurysm disease, hemodialysis access surgery, thoracic outlet syndrome.

Dr. Omotoso is a caring professional committed to improving the health and well-being of his patients. Vascular surgery is not the only part of his story. He also empowers patients towards self-care and work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals e.g family doctors, nurse practitioners, extra mural nurses (wound care)


Are you suffering from Leg pain, swelling, skin changes on the legs.Get help here by using these valuable resources.

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Quick access to a vein specialist to healing your veins without surgery



Complimentary service provided by certified compression sock nurses

​Helping those who are prescribed compression socks for the first time and are unsure about them, if they are difficult to put on, painful to wear, too tight, slide down, bunch up, if legs still swell, if they have limited dexterity and other challenges.
● Educating patients on condition and benefits of compression socks.
● Helping patients choose the right sock and perfectly fitting size.
● Showing patients correct techniques for easy wear

Call the nurses to book an appointment at (506) 648-7013 

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Why Choose Saint John Vein Clinic

1. We believe that Varicose vein treatment is not one size fits all. Dr. Omotoso has treated hundreds of cases using non-invasive varicose vein methods for more than 15 years.

2. We offer One stop for non-invasive vein treatment is offered where possible for patients from outside the province.

3. Treatment is tailor-made to determine the root cause.

4. Another advanced option like innovations such as stents, etc instead of painful surgery that was perhaps endured by your parents and grandparents in the early 1900s.

5. Treatment is available at your convenience.
6. Minimal to no pain or discomfort unlike surgery, where it’s not unusual to be sent home with a prescription for pain relievers or instructions on how to cope with pain from your procedure.
7. No hospital stay.
8. Resume daily activities immediately (except lifting)
9. No incisions, stitches, or scars.
10. Little risk of complications.

Our Team


What our clients say

“Saint John Vein Clinic always kept me informed all the way through my treatments. Everyone there was knowledgeable and professional and I am totally satisfied with the results of the treatment on my leg vein 

Jacqueline B.

“At the Saint John Vein Clinic, it’s very comfortable to come in to. The team that works here is very friendly – always has been. Dr. Omotoso is absolutely the best doctor I’ve ever met. I would recommend everyone that has vein problems, I would recommend go to Saint John Vein Clinic and get your treatment. You feel so much better.”

Albert M.

“First experienced with the Saint John Vein Clinic. Treated very well - staff was courteous and professional. Everything was explained to me in detail. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel as comfortable as possible.”


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